Batis Aramin Resort and Hotel

About Us

facadeThe development of Batis Aramin rooted from the childhood dream of Mr. Filomeno D. Valde. The property has been sold to the family when he was still young. It has become a favorite picnic place for his friends. It is a blessed land because old folks say that the place used to be the hiding place of the Holy Sepulcre (Mahal na Senyor) during the World War II. Fascinated by its green meadows, abundant vegetation, cool fresh air and its ever flowing crystal clear water from the spring called the ARAMIN, he decided to convert it to a resort.

lakeA pool and several cottages were built. It formally opened in the Easter of 1997. It was flocked by thousands and eager picnickers during its opening salvo since there was no resort in the vicinity. It was classified as Special Interest Resort by the Department of Tourism. Additional cottages for overnight accommodation were added in subsequent years. A 14-room hotel was built in 2005 and a multipurpose sports court was added in 2006. Air conditioned multi purp0ose halls were added. Several villas were also built in 2007.

A very significant landmark was built in 2002, the Kamay ni Hesus Healing Center and the Via Dolorosa Grotto and Luklukan ni Maria which has attracted more tourists and pilgrims to stay in the resort.

Aramin LobbyAt present, it has become a favorite rendezvous for garden weddings and reception, birthday and anniversary celebrations, seminar and conferences. It is also a place for games and spiritual gatherings. It feels like being at home while away from home. It is the best place where you could commune with nature while enjoying dining, hiking, swimming, fishing, boating or simply relaxing with your family and friends. The place is very comfortable, easy to reach, the foods are very palatable, the price definitely is very affordable, and the staff are very accommodating and approachable. Guests are pampered according to their tastes and whims. No wonder guests keep on coming back very often, making ARAMIN their home because they really experience being in paradise.

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